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Labbrand Presents on How Chinese Teens Use Digital during Social Media Week 2012 in Shanghai

Labbrand Presents on How Chinese Teens Use Digital during Social Media Week 2012 in Shanghai

On September 25th, 2012, Labbrand was invited to speak at Social Media Week 2012 in Shanghai. Kevin Gentle, Labbrand’s digital strategy consultant, presented an original research regarding how Chinese teens use digital.
Spanning five continents, nine countries and twelve major cities, Social Media Week (SMW) is the world’s largest social media conference. From speakers like Dennis Crowley, founder and CEO of Foursquare and Fabio Freyre, Vice President of Facebook, to Tye Montague, former President of JWT, it has had its share of famous participants. Now, for the first time ever, Social Media Week has been held in China and hosted in Shanghai.
With the local theme “Empowering Business through Collaboration,” Social Media Week Shanghai 2012 invited some of the world’s most renowned and authoritative social media experts to share their knowledge and creativity.
To provide original content and present on something that’s truly relevant for brands, Labbrand organized a focus group of teens aged 15-18 to gather information on how they use social media and digital devices. Combining this unique data and its implications for brands, Kevin Gentle shared with the audience regarding how post 90s view other generations, their social media behaviours and e-commerce habits. 
"Because of generational differences, a ‘one size fits all’ approach to digital marketing is impossible for many brands. The question of how Chinese teens integrate digital platforms in their daily lives and consumption habits is important at a time where post 90s are fast gaining spending power. With the first group of post 90s college graduates entering the job market this year, today’s teenagers are set to become tomorrow's major spending drivers for brands across industries” said Kevin Gentle. “Post 90s are digital natives but the way they use digital platforms is very unique in many ways and brands need to develop an understanding of their digital habits in order to reach this audience through the most relevant channels with the most relevant messages." 
Other speakers included Cyril Bedat, Regional Market Research Manager at LVMH Watch & Jewellery and Kurt Bilafer, Vice President of SAP.

If you are interested in the result of this research, please contact for additional information.


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