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Coach joins We Chat The mobile instant messaging/mobile network application Weixin (known in the West as We Chat) is taking the country by storm and has recently opened its platform to brands that have been busy testing the waters over the last...
Mengniu Rebranding
In September 2012, Mengniu launched its new packaging for the first time after 13 years. This change is regarded as the remedial measure to the increasing discussion for a series of food safety issues. To deal with the falling sales volume and...
FMCG use digital
With China now the world’s second largest retail market, brands must address their increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumers through more innovative branding strategies and nowhere is this truer than in FMCG (fast moving consumer goods)...
How tourism uses digital
Digital is most effective when it is used not merely for communication but when it helps brands directly confront key market challenges and improve the customer journey in a meaningful way. Few markets lend themselves better to this high-value added...
Johnny Walker Keep Walking
China is a booming market for high-end alcohol brands with high end liquor, wine and champagne consumption growing at double digit rates year after year. However high end alcohol brands in China also face mounting challenges. While they are...
Kleenex promotes its new product with viral video We frequently stress the need for foreign brands to pay attention to key topics of debate and discussions on the Chinese web and be reactive in order to create brand content that is contextually...