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We create to make you stand out from the crowd. We offer innovative services to craft comprehensive creations that make an impression and transform into your competitive advantage. 
Visual Identity 
We know that you want the perfect design. We create visual identity that speaks to your audience and passes the test of time. We uncover elements which form the foundation of your identity and leverage them to create visual expressions that give life to your brand image. 
We know the significance of a great name. We are the leading naming experts in the industry with our own Labbrand Naming Methodology® and software. Our expertise in intellectual property (IP) regulations secure trademark(s) registration. At the same time, we are able to provide follow-up testing among consumers. 
Verbal Identity
We know that you want the whole package for your brand. Our verbal identity creation covers a wide range of touch-points including naming, tagline, tone of voice, messaging and more. We understand the importance of the overall ambience and deliver effective results. 
Olfactive Identity
We know that you want something unique for your brand. Our Labbrand Scent Methodology® is created exclusively for that. Each scent is carefully designed to embody your brand attributes and leaves a special aromatic memory acting as an invisible imprint among shoppers. Our technology can be applied to scented print media, air diffusion, show rooms, hotels, events and more.  


Visual identity Design

Corporate Applications

Website Design

Packaging & Retail Design

Chinese Brand Naming

International Brand Naming

Product & Service Naming

Tagline Creation

Brand Voice


Corporate Olfactive Signature

Retail & Showroom Olfactive Identity

Hotel & Facilities Olfactive Identity

Olfactive Applications & Air Diffusion