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We conduct Market and Consumer Research to enable brands to be created, to grow and to innovate in China and across the world. We work together with you to understand the Brand Objectives and design the most effective research. We study each market and product category culture to identify opportunities and trends. Deeply immersed, we observe and interact with the brand customers to listen and discover what drives them to ultimately choose and appreciate your brand. After the completion of a research project, we make it our duty to draw the implications for your brand strategy and its subsequent innovations: we work with your team to bring solutions to life, and regularly track their effect on brand perception (see also Brand Performance Diagnosis
Consumer Insight
We know that understanding your target market is vital for the success and sustainability of your brand. We focus on using images and storytelling to reveal consumers’ emotional drivers in the decision-making process and the underlying meaning attached to behaviors. 
Consumer & Market Segmentation
We know that categorizing market and consumers provides valuable insights for your brand. We conduct research to help you target specific groups within the vast market place. By understanding the market and the consumers, we identify each segment and provide unique perspectives on how they can engage with your brand. 
Product & Service Innovation
We know that innovation is the driver behind your brand. We combine multiple research methodologies to elicit innovative ideas that build clear foundations for new brand concepts and assist you to make the most efficient decisions. We utilize semiotics to reveal culture-relevant brand messaging expressions in the market and to identify opportunities for brand development. 
Concept & Identity Intelligence
We know that your new or updated concepts need to be tested to ensure feasibility in each distinctive market. We conduct intelligence analysis among various groups to test names, logos, packaging, product design and more in both B2B and B2C environments to bring you the most updated perceptions in order for you to make a suitable decision. 


Applied Semiotics

Discussion & Focus Group

Online Research

In-depth Interview (in facility and in home)


Co-Creation Workshop

Quantitative Survey

Emotional Inquiry